Thursday, 22 May 2008

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Dan The Gardener

Welcome to the Blog Spot of ‘Dan The Gardener
and his friends. They are trying to help the
environment and need your help too! In fact the world
needs all of us to join in.

You can help by taking the time to read the
information and tips that Dan and his friends have to
give on this
Website. Have a look around, get to know
the characters, and see what they each have to offer.
Play a few games, and watch out for ‘Florence the
Earthworm’ popping up with handy hints.

Join the Dan The Gardener Bugs Club for Free,
it's not only fun but free as well! We hope it will
be the biggest children’s environmental club
on the planet and want you to be part of it. As a member you become a friend of the environment, learning about how to save & respect our planet,
get to know our fun characters and what they have
to offer and receive our
Free Quarterly newsletters are sent out via our Bugs club offering an update of information and the latest competition.
is the online home of Dan The Gardener and his friends. It is a children’s character based environmental project with the aim of teaching children about the natural world in fun and exciting ways. We put a lot of emphasis on using the space you have no matter how big or small to grown your own fruit, vegetables, herbs and other favourite plants.

Dan and his friends live in a coastal village called Three Little Woods surrounded by a great Forest, amazing creatures and fantastic friends and family. It is a very eco friendly village powered by on/ off shore wind farms and solar panels, all of the vegetables, fruit, nuts and medicines are also grown in the village allotment.

Each character has their own specific topic in which they offer tips, advice and information about plus Lots of interesting facts

Dan The Gardener works with the plants and wildlife, Recycle Michael offers recycling information, Jennifer Pickles is Three Little Woods school teacher and always has something interesting to say.

Nan Fran (Dans Grandma) is in charge of healthy eating and fun recipes, Georgie The Magpie, Gigi the Butterfly and Queenie The BumbleBee take care of the sky including seed travel, pollen and honey.

Florence The Earthworm and Digger The Mole keep us updated about everything under the ground including compost and root systems.

The website itself is a great resource for children as it offers a wide spectrum of easy to understand practical information.

Dan The Gardener also has an online Eco Shop which has interesting and environmentally friendly gifts for great prices.

Gifts include pens made from recycled paper, book marks made from recycled tyres and pencils made from recycled video cassettes.

Be sure to check out the online home of Dan The Gardener at and remember the join Recycle Michael following the Three R's Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Why not join our club it is FREE

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